Ever Tried Cooking at Patio During Weekends with Great Music?

If you are that type of person who enjoy cooking and love trying out new food recipes and dishes, you will surely like this idea of experimenting and taking cooking to a whole new level. Cooking outdoors- at your patio, backyard, or anywhere outside your kitchen is what I’m talking about here. It is fun as well as very entertaining.

Time to time, during weekends or holidays, I used to cook food at the patio or backyard and treat my family or close friends with my new food recipes. It’s the best way to gather friends and family for a little chit-chat, great music and a merry time. In fact, I recently bought a bluetooth wireless portable speaker. After reading Braven Brv-x review, I fall in love with this portable bluetooth speaker. Braven is an awesome brand for robust portable speaker.

Cooking outdoors is not so complicated as you might think. All you need is a cooktop (preferably the light and portable ones), one or two cooking pans, and the food ingredients and recipe.

My Style of Cooking Outdoors

My choice of cooktop for cooking outdoors is the portable induction cooktop. I bought the Nesco PIC 14 1500 Watt portable induction cooktop especially for cooking outdoors. I also use this cooktop as an extra burner when there is a party or a big gathering.

I chose Nesco PIC14 because as its design and features seems to fulfill my cooking needs. And true to my believe, it did cook all the food recipe in perfection. First of all, this cooktop is thin and flat in design, which makes it light and very portable. It is a single burner cooktop that can accommodate cooking pan smaller than ten inches in diameter. The five different cooking temperature suits all cooking style and the touch control panel with LED display makes it very user friendly.

Since there is a power outlet at my patio and backyard, I have no problem cooking with induction cooktop. Cooking with induction cooktop requires electricity, so if there is no power socket at your patio or backyard, and if you intend to use induction cooktop, you will have to fix the electric output first.

Other Ways of Cooking Outdoors

If induction cooktop is not your preferred choice of cooktop for cooking outdoors, there are also other means you can follow. If you have a gas pipeline that connects with your patio or backyard, good for you. You need not do anything extra. Just connect it to your portable gas cooktop and your recipe is waiting. In case you don’t have a gas pipeline, you can use a propane tank and connect it to your gas cooktop.

The choice of cooktop is not a concern here. Simply choose the one that you are more comfortable with. The main concern is to set up a nice environment where you can enjoy cooking and have fun with your friends and family.

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