Popular Beverage Appetizers

There are but a few better than sharing a warm delight of refreshing delicacies and drinks. Well, sharing food and drink is one tradition that goes way back in history. Kings and gallantries sharing grand feasts to celebrate or just an enjoyment in the great company of family and friends are one of the most frequented occasions. Though the food they splurge on is unlikely to be similar to our kind of nutrition, ravishing food and quality drink were served. Our posh food trend consisting of starters or appetizers, main course, deserts etc. were only derived from this ancient tradition of lavish food habits among the royalty. Well starters are a primary in a meal because our whole appetite depends on it, doesn’t it? So have you found the best appetizer for yourself?

Beverage Appetizers are Absolute Takers

For appetizers, the most widely known appetizers are probably beverages. Although sweet delicacies and confectioneries were popular, juicy beverages and a range of hot to cold and hard to soft drinks seem to make a preferable option for many. While fruity, chocolaty, cocao and creamy shakes make good appetizers, there are alcoholic shots that can spike your appetite too. Wine, beer and ale as well as the strongly spirited ones like whiskey, tequilas, rum, brandy, gin or rum are all classic boosters.

Cocktails are In

It is also the mixes and blends that works so perfectly for ones taste buds. Well, here is a list of cocktail delights:

  • Two prominent whiskey cocktails to try out are Mint Julep, Perfect Manhattan.
  • Brandy Alexander is a must-try among Brandy cocktails
  • Talk of gin, the Classic Martini should probably be one of the easiest cocktails you can mix up if you are a cocktail person.
  • Among the rum cocktails, I will note planters punch. It’s quite splendid with the Carribbean feel. And the Berry Rum Toddies sound exquisite too.
  • Vodka as it is makes a perfect cosmopolitan cocktail.

Fruity Punch

Besides these spirited cocktails, Champagne with fruity flavors is a burst of delight too. Some of the fruits best for flavoring an appetizer or rather my favorites are Strawberry, Grapefruit, lemon fizz, Passion fruit, Cherry smash, Twist of orange & pomegranate splash and Rashberry spitzer.

All these work well to give you a fresh boost to start off. Spice up your meal with that warmth. These are one of the food items that will definitely warms our heart, body and soul. You may also check out some interesting posh food recipes go along with your favorite appetizer.