Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy in Southern Europe


The people of Italy are so passionate that it has become a favorite destination to millions of tourists. Moreover, the beautiful landscape coupled with artistic works, historic sites and excellent cuisine make Italy a popular choice for people to travel to.

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Nightlife in Naples, one of the busiest metropolitan cities in Italy, is worth visiting once in a lifetime because the magnificent view of the city at night is simply amazing. Moreover, you will enjoy spaghetti and pizza, which are of Italian origin and are made from fresh, locally grown vegetables.


In the Lake District of Italy, you can visit Garda and Como. Garda is the largest lake offering a breathtaking  view with stretches of mountains and Como has a magnificent view of the forested slopes, which rises straight from the water’s edge. A visit to Italy would be incomplete without visiting these two lakes for the beautiful view it offers, which you will seldom find in other countries.

Amalfi coast, one of the top tourist destinations in Italy is known for its picturesque scenery of the coastline, which stretches for about thirty miles to Sorrento Peninsula. It is situated in the Southwestern part of Italy.  It is famous for lemon tree gardens, rock cliffs and sparkling bays, colorful villas and stylish resorts.


Venice is located in the Northeastern part of Italy and it is famous for the scenic beauty of the archipelagos of islands, which is connected with hundreds of bridges and canals. Visitors find it very romantic to visit the picturesque waterways and the historic architectures.

The conjuring scenery of Tuscany with rolling hills and beautiful landscapes are must-visit places in Italy. The Chianti wine is simply great to taste while relaxing in the olive groves and vineyards. You can also explore the Renaissance art at Florence and take a tour to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Rome, the capital city of Italy is the seat of power, religion and culture. You will find both modern and historic structures in this city. The Vatican City is worth seeing if you visit Rome because it has the old Roman structures of buildings in it.

(Catherine Avalone/New Haven Register) Italian cuisine at L'Orcio Italian Food & Drink at 806 State Street in New Haven, Thursday, April 30, 2015.

If time and money favour you, make sure Italy is in your bucket list. Pack your backpack, shaver, e-reader and you are good to go. Though Italy is a small country, it has all the scenic beauty, which we seldom find in other countries. The natural beauty and the historic structures are worth seeing.

Millions of tourists throng Italy during the holiday seasons. If you must enjoy natural landscape and its beauty in Europe, you should choose Italy as your destination. The people out there are warm and friendly in addition to having one of the best cuisine in the world.

Portable Cooktop, Cooking, Vacation and Fun

Chef pouring soup to the pan for cooking Japanese pork curry / cooking Japanese pork curry paste concept

Cooking is always my thing and I have tried my hands on any food recipe that I found interesting. Cooking has become my hobby and yes I don’t mind spending money on food that I and my family enjoyed. And now I most of the time prefer to eat foods made or prepared by me, rather than ordering or buying packed readymade foods from the market.

My husband and I planned for a vacation or rather a short kind of trip at our neighborhood recently. As soon as we started planning, (as it is in my blood) the very first line that pop-out from my mouth was ‘how will I cook?’ and my husband was like ‘O Goshh’. As it is my thing, I think about it and I took care of it on my own.

The first thing I did the next day is start hunting for portable cooktop. I have heard a lot about induction cooktop lately and as I browsed for it, it took me to the website that speaks about cooktop and gives me reliable information. It took me some time to make my decision as there are many choices and I was comparing between one another. I went through the list of best portable induction cooktops and decided on Nesco PIC14 Induction Cooktop for my own needs and reasons.


Why I Decided On Portable Induction Cooktop

Of all the cooking methods available (gas, electric, induction), I think induction cooking will fit better for my outdoor cooking. It is all I need for feisty meals. First reason, it is small and slim in size that it is not heavy and will fit perfectly in my bag. Transportation will not be a problem for me. Induction heating is great that it cooks food faster than any other cooktop. This is another reason that made me choose induction cooktop. Faster cooking means I spend lesser time in my kitchen, which gives me more free time. All I need is a standard power outlet to use induction cooktop. Consistent energy supply and constant temperature changes are the key factor for producing the best cooking result. You cannot possibly cook a great food with a cooktop that does not have those two qualities.

My Travel Experience

As planned, we grabbed our gears and start off for our vacation. It was all fun and enjoyment, sightseeing, sky diving, exotic flavours and much more. And we had booked a room, close by the seashore where we can spend quality time and rest peacefully after all the day’s adventure. My cooktop serve me right and I was quite satisfied by its performance. With it, I can prepare breakfast or cook anything within no time. We grabbed our favorite food items while on the market and end the day with fresh home cooked food.

As I thought about that short trip, it was all fun and entertaining. It was the first time I carried cooktop with me while traveling. And I still clearly remember how it has helped me cook my favorite dishes without facing any difficulty or problem. After that incident, I rely on my portable induction cooktop for any kinds of small cooking and now I am thinking of upgrading from gas cooktop (what I am using now) to induction cooktop with more burners for my everyday cooking. Judging from my experience, induction cooking seems to be better in every field.