Posh Food for a Posh New World

Posh food, the food exclusive to the wealthy or rather, food that only the rich can afford is one of the most attention-grabbing topics for us professional cooks. They sell great and for posh prices. Among some of the pleasures that the privileged sections enjoy, comfort food or delicious food rare to the common people is central. But the idea of posh food, as we should consider has revolutionized along with many of our lifestyle changes. The value of food never diminishes and yet the type of food preferred changes with generations.

The primitive idea of over nourished food or the old food fad is getting out dated. Now it is all about light food that will keep you active and fresh throughout the day. Because in a modern world where people are striving for intellectual fitness more than anything else, physical and mental well being is all that matters.

What the Modern Day Food is all About

Posh food or food, for that matter is getting more and more refined with time. The posh people consider their food in a much more rational and scientific way. Of course, the lavish way of eating may still persist, but now the idea of lavish too has much more to do with exotic flavors and items rather than the rich and fatty.

People are more concerned about cutting down their cholesterol level. Besides food fad is on the wane. And the class-divide in food comes with nutritional balance. So we can only imagine the level of perfection that the so called posh food will look for. It would probably be exciting to check out  some of the posh budget recipes. The idea of posh food now reflects freshness and vitality.

And, yes that’s why presentation while serving a dish also matters a little too often. What pleases the eye perhaps pleases all other senses much more than often. Ironically ever more true to the generation.

The Future of our Nutritional Choice

With health concerns ever on the rise, people will only keep getting more conscious about consuming food of a balance diet. With the current phenomena, it seems like only the rich can afford to be healthy. The, supposed to be healthy and fresh food items like fruits and vegetables are most infected with chemical contents and no longer healthy for consumption. Now there is a new surge for purer foods i.e. of organic quality food. So now, talk of quality food and the price of good food, it all about the scientifically ensured kind that counts.

Now that the idea of fresh and healthy is prime, fruit salads and green juices are items that are taking an upper hand. Adding great beverages in the category of fresh lime or fresh green veggies to the menu makes the best eatery for most people. And noticeably people are opting for more of food with medicinal value much more than just nutritional food items. In exactly this pattern, the trend of posh food is on the change. When people say they prefer exotic food, they are usually not looking for just good taste but also health benefits in terms of anti-aging or anti-oxidant food items.


For example, sea food makes one of the most exotic and yet stimulating delicacies that modern generation grave for. In spite of the nasty taste that sea weeds give initially, people have begun to embrace its tangy saltiness and adding all kinds of flavors. It is no surprise that sea weeds have emerged as one of the most exotic in big demand because of its health benefits.

So what’s the big change? Once it was all about feisty treats of rich meat dishes and chocolaty or creamy layers of food; and all that too on the excess side. Now it is about moderation and the perfect balance that defines posh food. Well, you can check out new posh recipes here.