Ever Tried Cooking at Patio During Weekends with Great Music?

If you are that type of person who enjoy cooking and love trying out new food recipes and dishes, you will surely like this idea of experimenting and taking cooking to a whole new level. Cooking outdoors- at your patio, backyard, or anywhere outside your kitchen is what I’m talking about here. It is fun as well as very entertaining.

Time to time, during weekends or holidays, I used to cook food at the patio or backyard and treat my family or close friends with my new food recipes. It’s the best way to gather friends and family for a little chit-chat, great music and a merry time. In fact, I recently bought a bluetooth wireless portable speaker. After reading Braven Brv-x review, I fall in love with this portable bluetooth speaker. Braven is an awesome brand for robust portable speaker.

Cooking outdoors is not so complicated as you might think. All you need is a cooktop (preferably the light and portable ones), one or two cooking pans, and the food ingredients and recipe.

My Style of Cooking Outdoors

My choice of cooktop for cooking outdoors is the portable induction cooktop. I bought the Nesco PIC 14 1500 Watt portable induction cooktop especially for cooking outdoors. I also use this cooktop as an extra burner when there is a party or a big gathering.

I chose Nesco PIC14 because as its design and features seems to fulfill my cooking needs. And true to my believe, it did cook all the food recipe in perfection. First of all, this cooktop is thin and flat in design, which makes it light and very portable. It is a single burner cooktop that can accommodate cooking pan smaller than ten inches in diameter. The five different cooking temperature suits all cooking style and the touch control panel with LED display makes it very user friendly.

Since there is a power outlet at my patio and backyard, I have no problem cooking with induction cooktop. Cooking with induction cooktop requires electricity, so if there is no power socket at your patio or backyard, and if you intend to use induction cooktop, you will have to fix the electric output first.

Other Ways of Cooking Outdoors

If induction cooktop is not your preferred choice of cooktop for cooking outdoors, there are also other means you can follow. If you have a gas pipeline that connects with your patio or backyard, good for you. You need not do anything extra. Just connect it to your portable gas cooktop and your recipe is waiting. In case you don’t have a gas pipeline, you can use a propane tank and connect it to your gas cooktop.

The choice of cooktop is not a concern here. Simply choose the one that you are more comfortable with. The main concern is to set up a nice environment where you can enjoy cooking and have fun with your friends and family.

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy in Southern Europe


The people of Italy are so passionate that it has become a favorite destination to millions of tourists. Moreover, the beautiful landscape coupled with artistic works, historic sites and excellent cuisine make Italy a popular choice for people to travel to.

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Nightlife in Naples, one of the busiest metropolitan cities in Italy, is worth visiting once in a lifetime because the magnificent view of the city at night is simply amazing. Moreover, you will enjoy spaghetti and pizza, which are of Italian origin and are made from fresh, locally grown vegetables.


In the Lake District of Italy, you can visit Garda and Como. Garda is the largest lake offering a breathtaking  view with stretches of mountains and Como has a magnificent view of the forested slopes, which rises straight from the water’s edge. A visit to Italy would be incomplete without visiting these two lakes for the beautiful view it offers, which you will seldom find in other countries.

Amalfi coast, one of the top tourist destinations in Italy is known for its picturesque scenery of the coastline, which stretches for about thirty miles to Sorrento Peninsula. It is situated in the Southwestern part of Italy.  It is famous for lemon tree gardens, rock cliffs and sparkling bays, colorful villas and stylish resorts.


Venice is located in the Northeastern part of Italy and it is famous for the scenic beauty of the archipelagos of islands, which is connected with hundreds of bridges and canals. Visitors find it very romantic to visit the picturesque waterways and the historic architectures.

The conjuring scenery of Tuscany with rolling hills and beautiful landscapes are must-visit places in Italy. The Chianti wine is simply great to taste while relaxing in the olive groves and vineyards. You can also explore the Renaissance art at Florence and take a tour to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Rome, the capital city of Italy is the seat of power, religion and culture. You will find both modern and historic structures in this city. The Vatican City is worth seeing if you visit Rome because it has the old Roman structures of buildings in it.

(Catherine Avalone/New Haven Register) Italian cuisine at L'Orcio Italian Food & Drink at 806 State Street in New Haven, Thursday, April 30, 2015.

If time and money favour you, make sure Italy is in your bucket list. Pack your backpack, shaver, e-reader and you are good to go. Though Italy is a small country, it has all the scenic beauty, which we seldom find in other countries. The natural beauty and the historic structures are worth seeing.

Millions of tourists throng Italy during the holiday seasons. If you must enjoy natural landscape and its beauty in Europe, you should choose Italy as your destination. The people out there are warm and friendly in addition to having one of the best cuisine in the world.

Portable Cooktop, Cooking, Vacation and Fun

Chef pouring soup to the pan for cooking Japanese pork curry / cooking Japanese pork curry paste concept

Cooking is always my thing and I have tried my hands on any food recipe that I found interesting. Cooking has become my hobby and yes I don’t mind spending money on food that I and my family enjoyed. And now I most of the time prefer to eat foods made or prepared by me, rather than ordering or buying packed readymade foods from the market.

My husband and I planned for a vacation or rather a short kind of trip at our neighborhood recently. As soon as we started planning, (as it is in my blood) the very first line that pop-out from my mouth was ‘how will I cook?’ and my husband was like ‘O Goshh’. As it is my thing, I think about it and I took care of it on my own.

The first thing I did the next day is start hunting for portable cooktop. I have heard a lot about induction cooktop lately and as I browsed for it, it took me to the website Cooktophunter.com that speaks about cooktop and gives me reliable information. It took me some time to make my decision as there are many choices and I was comparing between one another. I went through the list of best portable induction cooktops and decided on Nesco PIC14 Induction Cooktop for my own needs and reasons.


Why I Decided On Portable Induction Cooktop

Of all the cooking methods available (gas, electric, induction), I think induction cooking will fit better for my outdoor cooking. It is all I need for feisty meals. First reason, it is small and slim in size that it is not heavy and will fit perfectly in my bag. Transportation will not be a problem for me. Induction heating is great that it cooks food faster than any other cooktop. This is another reason that made me choose induction cooktop. Faster cooking means I spend lesser time in my kitchen, which gives me more free time. All I need is a standard power outlet to use induction cooktop. Consistent energy supply and constant temperature changes are the key factor for producing the best cooking result. You cannot possibly cook a great food with a cooktop that does not have those two qualities.

My Travel Experience

As planned, we grabbed our gears and start off for our vacation. It was all fun and enjoyment, sightseeing, sky diving, exotic flavours and much more. And we had booked a room, close by the seashore where we can spend quality time and rest peacefully after all the day’s adventure. My cooktop serve me right and I was quite satisfied by its performance. With it, I can prepare breakfast or cook anything within no time. We grabbed our favorite food items while on the market and end the day with fresh home cooked food.

As I thought about that short trip, it was all fun and entertaining. It was the first time I carried cooktop with me while traveling. And I still clearly remember how it has helped me cook my favorite dishes without facing any difficulty or problem. After that incident, I rely on my portable induction cooktop for any kinds of small cooking and now I am thinking of upgrading from gas cooktop (what I am using now) to induction cooktop with more burners for my everyday cooking. Judging from my experience, induction cooking seems to be better in every field.

A few Tips on What to Look For in Buying Cooktops


Technology is so advanced today that shopping for the best cooktop may be a big headache because of the varied brands and types of cooktops in the market. In order to avoid such headaches, it will be good or may be helpful for you to go through a few important tips on what to buy and choose for your kitchen.


The first thing you should keep in mind is your budget because there are hundreds of brands from the lowest to the highest price. If you have set the budget, one of the main problems in choosing your cooktop is solved. There is no need for breaking your bank account just to buy a cooktop, which cost you four to five thousand dollars. Instead, look for the one that satisfies you within your budget.

Type of Cooktop

The second important thing is the type of cooktop you would like to make an investment. As mentioned earlier, it is not an easy thing to choose from various types of cooktops displayed in the market for sale. There are gas, electric and induction cooktops with multiple functions. Each of them are unique and have their own merits over the others.


The third important thing is your requirement or needs because there are cooktops with a single burner to five burners and in some cases, there are even eight burners for commercial purposes. If you have a small family of three to four members, it is a waste to buy cooktops with four to five burners. It is also important to know what posh type of food to you commonly cook or like. Different cooktops have different good things about each other. You have to see whether any particular cooktop is of priority over the other depending on your convenience.

Now let us narrow down our choice and preference by having a look at how each of them functions.

Electric cooktop:

Electric stoves are very simple to operate and you can save money using electric cooktop. It does not have open flames and so there is comparatively less risk of fire in the kitchen. It is very difficult to keep the coils in one level and therefore, it is uneven in distribution of heat. Cooking food with electric cooktops need to keep on sliding from one side to the other due to uneven heat distribution. One of the drawbacks with this type of cooktop is that it is slow to heat and slow to cool as well. In some cases, many might prefer this cooktop for the cheap price and easy maintenance.

Gas cooktop:

Gas cooktops are known for the uniformity of heat distribution for cooking the best food. It has open flames and this flames burn round the bottom of the pot uniformly. Therefore, food cooked with gas has a better taste. The output of heat is measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU) ranging from 5000 to 17000 BTU depending on the type of burners. If you have a small family, you may choose smaller range of heat distribution for your needs. The disadvantage we have with this type of cooktop is the open flames, which may cause accidental kitchen fire during leakage of gas. However, the good point of using gas is that it does not require electricity, so whenever there is outage of power, it always has the advantage over the others. It is very economical as well in places where natural gas is quite affordable.

 Electric smooth top cooktop:

Glass ceramic smooth top is a newer version of electric cooktop with a better functionality than coil electric cooktops. It comes with a built-in sensor to indicate that the smooth top is still hot. Many people prefer this rather than coil electric cooktop because it is smooth, shiny and sleek in appearance. However, one of the disadvantages of this cooktop is that it gets scratches very easily. Therefore, cookwares, which are made of iron, stone or glass is not very appropriate. If you use this type of cooktop, you have to take extreme care not to drag the cookware, which sits on the cooktop. The second important note for you is that you should never let your cookware boil dry on the stove top as it may melt and get bonded with the glass. Compared with the older version of coiled electric cooktop, it is far easier to clean the smooth top. You also need to double check whether your house is wired to support 50 amps of power supply because it requires 50 amps to operate.

Induction cooktop:

While most of the cooktops transfer energy indirectly to the pot, induction applies heat directly to the pot using electro magnetism in the system. Most of the traditional cooktops have major flaws at one point or the other. In the case of induction, heat is generated in the pot itself and therefore there is uniformity in distribution of heat all over the pan. It is flameless and therefore it has very low risk of kitchen accidents. There are cooking zones with magnetic fields beneath the cooktop and as such, only the area where there is direct contact with the cookware is heated and so the other parts of the smooth top remains cool to the touch. Moreover, induction cooktops are known for accuracy and speed in heating and instant cooling as well.  The control panel has many buttons for setting different temperatures for the kind of food you cook. From simmering to searing to boiling to stewing or grilling, you have all the options do it in any way you like. This latest cooking technology has outshined all other types of cooktops in the market. The traditional cooktops are inferior to induction cooktop for the feature it provides for homemakers and chefs. It is safer, more efficient, more accurate in temperature control, easier to maintain and simpler to use. However, you should know that it requires only cast iron or steel cookwares that attract a magnet. If it is not compatible, it will not work so don’t be disappointed when the need to spend extra dollars for the cookware arises.

Now, based on the information provided for an easy choice of the cooktop, you can go ahead with what to choose for your needs. All the advantages and disadvantages of each of the items have been highlighted for your convenience in choosing the right cooktop.

Posh Food Recipes we Love

They say delicious food is when we cook it with our hearts. Is it the passionate professionals who cook better, or the warmth of homemade food that taste better? To find that out, check out some of these exotic posh food recipes to try out:

Confit (Salmon with Crab, fresh Potato & Dill):


For the Salmon

  • olive oil(500ml)
  • 1 peeled clove of garlic
  • A sprig of thyme
  • Salmon fillets(6 x 140g), skinned

For the Crab Crush & Potato

  • 600g of fresh new potatoes
  • 1 tbsp of chopped chives
  • 2 tbsp of chopped dill
  • 25g butter
  • white & brown crabmeat(200g)
  • A bunch of watercress (stalks removed)

For the Drizzle

  • 1 tbsp of chopped dill
  • 4 tbsp of olive oil(extra-virgin quality)
  • ½ tbsp lime juice


  1. On a low flame, heat some garlic and a sprig of thyme in olive oil
  2. Add salmon and cook it for 8 minutes and take off from flame
  3. Leave for 5 minutes, then remove the salmon from the oil, drain and leave it aside
  4. Crush some cooked potatoes and add butter, herbs and a drizzle of the salmon olive oil to mix
  5. Fold the seasoned mixture through the Crabmeat
  6. For the drizzle, whisk 4 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of dill and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice together
  7. While plating, lay ring sized cake of the potato mixture alongside a salmon fillet.
  8. And your dish is ready to be served.

Spanish Chicken with Leeks & chorizo


  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • chicken leg (about 10 pieces)
  • 4 fennel heads, trimmed and cut into wedges
  • 200g chorizo(cut them into chunks)
  • 5 leeks (trimmed & thickly sliced)
  • 6 cloves of garlic (thinly sliced)
  • 2 tsp of hot smoked paprika
  • 150ml of dry sherry
  • 750g tomatoes, cut into quaters
  • A bunch of coriander leaves


  1. Fry the seasoned chicken pieces in olive oil until golden brown, remove from oil and leave it aside
  2. Measure out 3 teaspoons of oil from the pan
  3. Add some 4 heads of Fennel and Chorizo until the color lightens
  4. Then add leeks and garlic and paprika for cook while stirring for a min
  5. Pour in about 150 ml of dry Sherry and let it bubble for another minute
  6. Taste and season accordingly
  7. Pour it in an oven dish and top it with tomato on top
  8. Put the chicken preparation on the topmost layer and cover with foil
  9. Cook in the oven at 180C checking now and again; pour little water and make sure it doesn’t dry
  10. After 20 minutes, uncover it and turn the oven temperature up to 200C
  11. Cook for another 20-30 minutes until the chicken’s skin becomes crisp
  12. It is ready to serve with some sprinkles of coriander leaves.

Zingy Fresh Potato


  • 1½ kg of small fresh potatoes
  • A nice onion bulb
  • 2 tbsp of capers(in vinegar)

For the dressing

  • 2 tbsp of sherry vinegar
  • 2 tsp of honey
  • Olive oil(200ml)


  1. Boil some potatoes in salt water
  2. Whisk 2 teaspoons each of Vinegar & honey with a teaspoon of salt until the salt dissolves
  3. Then add olive oil and whisk
  4. Drain the potato and mix it with the mixture and sliced onions
  5. And your Zingy Potato is ready

Note that these recipes are of restaurant quality, meaning you may need cooking appliances that professional cooks usually require.

Posh Food for a Posh New World

Posh food, the food exclusive to the wealthy or rather, food that only the rich can afford is one of the most attention-grabbing topics for us professional cooks. They sell great and for posh prices. Among some of the pleasures that the privileged sections enjoy, comfort food or delicious food rare to the common people is central. But the idea of posh food, as we should consider has revolutionized along with many of our lifestyle changes. The value of food never diminishes and yet the type of food preferred changes with generations.

The primitive idea of over nourished food or the old food fad is getting out dated. Now it is all about light food that will keep you active and fresh throughout the day. Because in a modern world where people are striving for intellectual fitness more than anything else, physical and mental well being is all that matters.

What the Modern Day Food is all About

Posh food or food, for that matter is getting more and more refined with time. The posh people consider their food in a much more rational and scientific way. Of course, the lavish way of eating may still persist, but now the idea of lavish too has much more to do with exotic flavors and items rather than the rich and fatty.

People are more concerned about cutting down their cholesterol level. Besides food fad is on the wane. And the class-divide in food comes with nutritional balance. So we can only imagine the level of perfection that the so called posh food will look for. It would probably be exciting to check out  some of the posh budget recipes. The idea of posh food now reflects freshness and vitality.

And, yes that’s why presentation while serving a dish also matters a little too often. What pleases the eye perhaps pleases all other senses much more than often. Ironically ever more true to the generation.

The Future of our Nutritional Choice

With health concerns ever on the rise, people will only keep getting more conscious about consuming food of a balance diet. With the current phenomena, it seems like only the rich can afford to be healthy. The, supposed to be healthy and fresh food items like fruits and vegetables are most infected with chemical contents and no longer healthy for consumption. Now there is a new surge for purer foods i.e. of organic quality food. So now, talk of quality food and the price of good food, it all about the scientifically ensured kind that counts.

Now that the idea of fresh and healthy is prime, fruit salads and green juices are items that are taking an upper hand. Adding great beverages in the category of fresh lime or fresh green veggies to the menu makes the best eatery for most people. And noticeably people are opting for more of food with medicinal value much more than just nutritional food items. In exactly this pattern, the trend of posh food is on the change. When people say they prefer exotic food, they are usually not looking for just good taste but also health benefits in terms of anti-aging or anti-oxidant food items.


For example, sea food makes one of the most exotic and yet stimulating delicacies that modern generation grave for. In spite of the nasty taste that sea weeds give initially, people have begun to embrace its tangy saltiness and adding all kinds of flavors. It is no surprise that sea weeds have emerged as one of the most exotic in big demand because of its health benefits.

So what’s the big change? Once it was all about feisty treats of rich meat dishes and chocolaty or creamy layers of food; and all that too on the excess side. Now it is about moderation and the perfect balance that defines posh food. Well, you can check out new posh recipes here.

Bring On Those Feisty Meals

If you find yourself in one of these feasts, first thing, watch what you bite. Chances are, everything you bite into can be spicy delicious. Be it a homely feast or one of those cooking crazes at a party, get ready for the wacky flavors that stir up the foodie in you. From spicy cuisines to posh beverages and salads and pies, you know you will get a feisty treat.

Exquisites Around the World

In that strain, some of the world’s spiciest cuisines include Chinese Sichuan cuisines, Ethopian Doro Wat, Korean Jigaes, Indian Chilli Paneer, Mexican Chilate De Pollo, Tibetan La Phing etc. Fixing these dishes may need elaborate preparations. And deliciously spicy cuisines like the Bunny Chow from South Africa and Camarones a la Diabla from Mexico would make the best dishes for feasts. Not forgetting the exotic Devil’s Curry from Malaysia? However sophisticated the sort of cooking appliances we require to prepare, it has got to be one of the must-dishes on my list.

What’s That I like About Feast

But the ultimate idea of a feast would be that of steaming hot food combined with the aromatic flavor of exquisite beverages. As I imagine feasts are a sumptuous sight with a rich variety of food that can drunken you just by the sight. So, a feast better be about generous occasion. Because feasts are not just feasting for our stomach but also for all our five senses. Should we not add the luscious richness of fruity colors and chocolate desserts? Cakes and pies are just as essential for filling up your happy tummy.

Some Chessy Facts About my Idea of Feasts

And what are the best feisty treats that can save the day? Music is another food for our senses which can give us an overwhelming feeling of contentment. Better not omit that. If you are serving posh food, accompany them with posh music too.

With so much going on both in the flavor of each dish and the huge variety of food items, we cannot forget about thirst quenching juices and cold drinks either, can we?

A feast means intense cooking, we also need the best cooking appliances. While we have the cream whipped up in the mixer, you have to get crumbs running in your confectionery oven. And feast are a mouth watering affair for both the quests and the host, get sufficient or more than enough stock.

Bake and Sugar Your Confectioneries

Birthdays, weddings, Halloween parties, any food feast you want to have, confectionery items are a must. Confectioneries usually make the most special part of the celebration. For most of us, it is good hospitability being able to offer sweet treats. These delicacies have become part of our cultures and very special do we hold them in our hearts. That’s why one of the best ways to express our affections would definitely be gifting yummy, chocolaty and creamy treats. And when we do get gifted, it sure is such a sweet delight!

What is Confectionery?

Confectionery is an art of sugar confections and baker’s confections. In other words, rich food that abounds in carbohydrates and sugar, a luxurious food item meant for popular posh food habits. Confectionery businesses are now soaring as people begin to change their food habits. And because there is so much competition, perfection is a requisite for one to thrive. Confectionery of course, is a practical art and to get up that flawless perfection in your baking, practice and experience opinion is key, as far as I know.

In that strain, there are a lot of confectionery schools and specialized training. There are extensive historical records that are valuable and long preserved, like most of them which dates way back to the ancient times; so called traditional confectionery.

Some Basics About Confectionery

Confectionery consists of two categories; Baked confectionery and Sugar confectionery. Also known as flour confectionery, baked confectionery are the more dominant of the two. Includes items we are more familiar with, like cookies, doughnuts, cakes, cones and sweet pastries, mostly served for a dessert course. Sugar confectionery includes chocolates, caramels, fondant, nougats, cachous, sweetmeats and pastillages and lozenges. Usually taken as snack food, chewing gum, candies & sometimes ice cream are admittedly some of our favorite indulgences.

If you have sweet tooth, it’s high time you start coming up with some innovative baking and do that chocolate or sugar coating. Who knows the other sweet toothed fellows like you likes it so much, they would popularize your recipe just like you popularized theirs.

Exotic Flavors! It’s Taste Time

It is said that good food is a key to the heart? Indeed, it should be. Especially because we know food is the one way of refueling and boosting our body and soul. Good food rejuvenates us all the time with renewed zeal. Well, it is also no surprise that food is always part of celebrations. The most savory dishes that make a sumptuous meal; ain’t it exciting to think of such feast?

Well there are a bunch of cooks who cook purely for love of cooking while there are a bunch of foodies like me who cook purely for the love of eating all the luscious food on the other hand. Well, both cooks will love these exotic flavors. So try them out and feel the tang, the glaze, the zest and savor each taste because they are fabulous stuff; divinely exotic.

The Zesty Thai Lobster Cuisine

Its piquant, it’s got the extra seasoning, the blend and it’s got the added zip. Best taken with grilled chickens or simple marinades.


  • 2 cooked lobster tails
  • 1 tbsp of vegetable oil
  • 1 1/2 tbsp of Asian Blend
  • 4 cups of chicken or fish broth
  • 1 tbsp of grated lime skin
  • 1/3 cup of long-grain rice
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 6 large sliced mushrooms
  • 2 chopped green onions
  • 1 Thai chile
  • 1 tbsp of fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice
  • Garnishes: lime wedge, fresh cilantro


  1. Separate the lobster meat from its shell and then slice it to start with.
  2. Heat the vegetable oil on medium heat, stir in the Asian Blend and sauté for a minute. Then add the lemon skin along with broth and stir in the rice too. close the lid on and simmer on reduced heat for about 20 minutes.
  3. Pour in the coconut milk, stir in the mushroom and cook it as you stir for about 5 minutes.
  4. Put in the lobster, the green onions, halved chile and also the cilantro which should then be cooked for not less than 5 minutes.
  5. Turn off the heat, and add lime juice. Garnish and serve.

Seafood Tagine

It’s the salty and sour zest, and aroma that makes it just so scrumptious. This Moroccan dish can maintain its zest with fresh lemon juice too.


  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley leaf, chopped
  • 2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1/2 cup olive oil (extra virgin)
  • 1 tbsp of ground ginger
  • 2 teaspoons sweet Hungarian paprika
  • 8 saffron threads, grounded
  • 2 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 6 ounces of snapper fillets
  • 4 peeled tomatoes, seeded & chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and minced
  • 1 tbsp of ground cumin
  • 1/2 tbsp of salt
  • 1/4 tbsp of fresh pepper, grounded
  • 1/4 cup olive oil, extra virgin
  • 2 diagonally sliced carrots
  • 1 onion, sliced thinly
  • 1 tbsp of preserved lemon
  • 12 kalamata, pitted
  • Garnish: fresh flat parsley leaf


  1. Mix the first seven ingredients in a bowl large enough to contain.
  2. Place the snapper fillets in a baking dish and pour the parsley mixture over the fillet evenly. Cover the dish and chill it, turning at least once or more if required.
  3. Heat the tomato, cumin and garlic over a medium flame and bring it to a boil. Simmer with a reduced heat for about 8 minutes until it thickens slightly but do stir occasionally. Turn off the heat and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
  4. Use a Dutch oven to heat the olive oil on medium heat where onion, carrot and tomato is to be added once warm enough. Cook it covered for about 12 minutes, until the carrot is tender.
  5. Remove the mixture from heat and place the chilled fillet on it. Top fillet with preserved lemon very evenly and then sprinkle olives. Cook it covered again for 10 minutes over medium heat until fish flakes.
  6. Remove from heat, garnish and it is ready to serve.

Alongside these dishes, you may check out some other posh new recipes too. And do make sure you patch these fabulous dishes with the most suitable beverages.

Popular Beverage Appetizers

There are but a few better than sharing a warm delight of refreshing delicacies and drinks. Well, sharing food and drink is one tradition that goes way back in history. Kings and gallantries sharing grand feasts to celebrate or just an enjoyment in the great company of family and friends are one of the most frequented occasions. Though the food they splurge on is unlikely to be similar to our kind of nutrition, ravishing food and quality drink were served. Our posh food trend consisting of starters or appetizers, main course, deserts etc. were only derived from this ancient tradition of lavish food habits among the royalty. Well starters are a primary in a meal because our whole appetite depends on it, doesn’t it? So have you found the best appetizer for yourself?

Beverage Appetizers are Absolute Takers

For appetizers, the most widely known appetizers are probably beverages. Although sweet delicacies and confectioneries were popular, juicy beverages and a range of hot to cold and hard to soft drinks seem to make a preferable option for many. While fruity, chocolaty, cocao and creamy shakes make good appetizers, there are alcoholic shots that can spike your appetite too. Wine, beer and ale as well as the strongly spirited ones like whiskey, tequilas, rum, brandy, gin or rum are all classic boosters.

Cocktails are In

It is also the mixes and blends that works so perfectly for ones taste buds. Well, here is a list of cocktail delights:

  • Two prominent whiskey cocktails to try out are Mint Julep, Perfect Manhattan.
  • Brandy Alexander is a must-try among Brandy cocktails
  • Talk of gin, the Classic Martini should probably be one of the easiest cocktails you can mix up if you are a cocktail person.
  • Among the rum cocktails, I will note planters punch. It’s quite splendid with the Carribbean feel. And the Berry Rum Toddies sound exquisite too.
  • Vodka as it is makes a perfect cosmopolitan cocktail.

Fruity Punch

Besides these spirited cocktails, Champagne with fruity flavors is a burst of delight too. Some of the fruits best for flavoring an appetizer or rather my favorites are Strawberry, Grapefruit, lemon fizz, Passion fruit, Cherry smash, Twist of orange & pomegranate splash and Rashberry spitzer.

All these work well to give you a fresh boost to start off. Spice up your meal with that warmth. These are one of the food items that will definitely warms our heart, body and soul. You may also check out some interesting posh food recipes go along with your favorite appetizer.